So a couple of fairly brief cleaning sessions have got me to the point this evening of beginning to tear down the motor, the final large piece remaining. The way tubes (I know the real names for them now, thanks Dave) are clean, the headstock and carriage are clean and mounted on the ways. Tony found the original manual (copyright date 1951) and the jointer-shaper fence, and I’m feeling like a few more hours’ work and I’ll have the beast running again.

The motor cleaning and rewiring is going to be the trickiest part so far. Up until now, all work has been elbow grease. Servicing the motor is going to benefit from some up-front knowledge and planning. The original motor wiring is un-grounded, and the wires are all looking degraded and worn. I need to get into the motor housing, rewire the motor as close to the rotor and stator connection points as possible, and ground the chassis. I’m also considering hard-wiring a GFI into the circuit… Photos of the motor are online.

Next steps: check out the manual and the Shopsmith 10E/10ER Yahoo group (again, thanks Dave!) for motor servicing ideas.